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As the CD Release date comes nearer, I am excited to share and give openly to the audience that will be in attendance!  Thank you to all who have already bought tickets!  I am so grateful and can’t wait to see you all!



I think that San Diego has to be one of the most gracious places on earth for support in the local music community.  Throughout the past couple of years, the generosity, support and encouragement so freely given to me by the highest top-tier, A-list players in this town has blown me away.  In fact, they are the most humble and low-key spirits around.  I guess, once you’ve mastered your art, you have nothing left to prove; hence, you create and contribute without drama, without ego, and without pretense.  To all those who have helped me, befriended me, counseled me, guided me and shared their gifts with me for my album, I say a humble and extremely heartfelt “thank you.”


Why Music?

When I remember to infuse my life with music, whether it be listening, writing, composing, or singing, it adds vivid color to my everyday experiences. It deepens a feeling, it lifts a mood, it radiates joy, it opens my heart, it says what I cannot say with mere words or thoughts. It makes the mundane magical. It brings spirit into whatever I’m doing, wherever I am. It reminds me of who I am.