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Gearin’ Up

It’s been awhile since my last adrenaline-fueled post (immediately following the release.) After that, took a trip to Carmel for Thanksgiving to hunker down and breathe with my family, then slammed into December and all that it brings with holiday stuff. I did a lot of baking in December and decided to go on The Cookie Diet. (Bad idea.) Once I cleared out the decorations, cleaned up food regimen and got the kid back in school, I focused on what’s next for 2010. For starters, my incredible husband (yes, I am married to Mr. Wonderful) surprised me for Christmas with a KILLER Yamaha CP-33 keyboard. We had a fun shopping trip right before New Year’s to complete the package, and I am now completely geared up with a spankin’ new PA system to go along with it. A one-woman band armed with reverb and an ipod of karaoke mixes of my tunes to run through my sound system to play and sing along to, if I’m in a situation where I’m asked to play solo. Or, I can just do the whole acoustic thing and merely play my keyboard and sing. Even better, and this is what I’m looking forward to the most, is to play again with incredible musicians, in any number of configurations. I’ve already played a couple of private gigs of some small gatherings with my new stuff, and I am loving the freedom it brings me to just show up and perform!

I’m geared up, and ready to roll!

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See ya out there!

Love Hil