Hi Friends.

How can it be that it’s been almost a full year since my CD Release Concert? In just four more days, I will be remembering where I was standing exactly one year ago: in the wings with my heart pounding in anticipation of walking onstage at Sherwood Auditorium, with a packed house of 350 loved ones in attendance. It was truly the night of nights, and one of the biggest joys of my entire life!

Since that magical night, I forged ahead with lots of zest for performing live. I sang downtown in the Gaslamp at a cool coffee house, had a beautiful house concert, was featured for several consecutive months on themed playlists on the fabulous Women of Substance Radio (, had an incredible birthday performing live as one of 5 select performers invited to sing and play for the first annual Women of Substance Singer-Songwriter Showcase and live webcast up in North Hollywood, and enjoyed spreading the love and sharing my music at many new thought spiritual centers.

As the year went by, I wondered “how on earth did I write and record an entire album of 13 songs, stumble through a few half marathons and sprint triathalons, travel to Asia and other locales with my family, cook dinner, walk the dogs every day and hold down the fort?” Well, it must have been some sort of superhuman surge of creative energy. Since last year, I’ve scribbled on scraps of paper and had some tunes going around in my head, and re-focused my energy back into our home and our now blossoming 8-year old third grade daughter. This is such an incredible time in her life, and there is so much important bonding and learning that we are doing together! I’m glad I’ve been taking the time to invest in her well-being after my attentions were so pulled into the album. It’s paid off and I can see it.

So – what’s next? Well, it’s Fall, and this season is one that always energizes me in a big way. I’m feeling the new flow of energy and getting back out to connect with all of you by playing out more. Stay tuned, and thank you to SO many of you who supported me this year!

See you out there!

Love, Hilary

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