Hilary Michels is an independent singer-songwriter who is often categorized as a more soulful sounding indie folk-rocker and positive music artist with a substantive array of other musical styles influencing her writing and vocal styles. She was recently showcased at the Posi Music Awards Festival and has been an often-featured radio artist on Women of Substance Radio on the Live 365.com network.

Hilary’s single “Room For All Seasons” was featured on M:M Music‘s Vol. 17 Music Meeting CD and recently went out nationwide to over 200 Music Supervisors and Program Directors. Other artists included on the CD were R.E.M., Crystal Bowersox, KT Tunstall, Brett Dennon, Laura Janson, Scars on 45, and The Alternate Routes, to name just a few.
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Artistic Motto:“To make music that is relatable, that touches hearts, and inspires higher thinking about how we all show up in this world.”

“Intelligent Rock”

It’s All About The Journey:  “I have never been one to have a linear path in life.  I’ve always held on tightly to the dream, however, in knowing I had to be a musician; to live the life of a true artist, no matter what.  From stereotypical nascent beginnings “singing in various bands and waiting tables”, followed by a successful corporate career, I kept the dream close to my heart.  After stepping off the corporate ladder to be more involved in raising our daughter, the siren song of music pulled me back more strongly than ever.  At that point, I decided there was no more waiting for IT to happen. Now was the time to fully invest myself into the realm of my true passion.”