One thing about Hilary that is so great for Women of Substance is that every song she has, has substance.  If you listen to the words to her songs, they’re all about really looking into your inner self and your soul and figuring out who you are.  That’s what I love about her music!

Bree Noble
Founder & CEO – Woman of Substance Radio
Delivered by Bree Noble about Hilary’s music at the Women of Substance Radio Showcase in N. Hollywood on June 24, 2010.


Hilary has a lovely, lilting voice that is perfectly matched with the compelling arrangements of these songs.  Touching on varied themes such as self-empowerment, love, and childhood bullying, Michels uses a deft, light touch to draw us into the stories. Here are some of my favorites from the “Brave New World” album….

“Free as a Bird” is a lovely tribute to a departed love one.  Written in memory of her sister, this song encourages us to live our lives to the fullest, moving forward with confidence that the correct path will appear.

“Room for All Seasons” is a sweet love song.  With compelling imagery, Hilary paints a picture of a love that truly exists through all seasons of a life.

“This Old Man” offers a message of rebirth delivered by the unlikely messenger in the form of a derelict old man.  This messenger instructs us to “believe in the heart of everybody and the Phoenix rising from the ashes until your life is said and done”.

“Storm of Your Mind” reminds us that when we are at the lowest point, it is often when we will find the answer that we are seeking.

“Head Up, Heart Open” is one of my favorite tracks on the CD.  Starting with the line “I just woke up from my life, I was still sleeping” this funky song has a gentle message about keeping our heads up and hearts open so that we will recognize the good that’s in front of us.

Hilary has done a fine job of painting lyrical pictures of things we see in our everyday life, but might overlook.  We are drawn into her world, and it’s a beautiful world indeed.

Sue K. Riley

Co-Founder:  Empower Music & Arts


“Words can’t begin to express the power Hilary’s music has in touching the deepest recesses of one’s soul.  No matter the time or venue, hers is a beautiful, down-to-earth voice that resonates perfectly with her genuinely heart-crafted lyrics. It never ceases to amaze how quickly she can transform a mood and remind us what is most important: listening to one’s inner wisdom with love and compassion.  I have personally been so profoundly touched by her music that I have often played it for trauma groups and survivors who struggle with finding meaning and/or have lost their path somehow.  Hilary’s music is like a beacon which offers glimmers of faith, pulling one back to what’s real and most significant, while acknowledging our common humanity.  Her music is hopeful, inspiring and…in this genius manner that I have yet to figure out…just makes you feel like everything will be alright, and that wherever one may be in one’s journey, it is exactly where one is meant to be.  She holds a sacred space for us all and invites us to join her, at our own pace, which in and of itself is so very healing. Thanks Hilary, from many whose voices have often been silenced…you are a harbinger of acceptance and light! You express so tangibly and eloquently that ‘it’s the journey not the destination,’ which brings us back to the whole of ourselves. Thank you for enriching so many lives with your courage!”

Kirsten Harrison-Jack, Ph.D.
25 years clinical psychology experience, board certified expert on traumatic stress